Tuesday, 27 July 2010

July 26th 2010: It Begins!

Having been a fan of Tolkien for ten years or more, today I finally took the plunge into becoming a 'collector'! I have vowed to fill this blog only with real pics taken by me of the books I have acquired, and not general photos off the net, so this post will be picture free. Nevertheless, today I ordered book one in my collection: the HarperCollins Single volume 50th Anniversary De luxe edition. Widely regarded as the most luxurious edition available, it was released in 2004 priced at £100. These days it remains at that price on many sites, but Amazon have it for £54. Through a Tolkien forum I was directed to thebookdepositry.co.uk, where the same edition was available for £54.30 with free postage. With a monthly book budget of £50 at the moment, I was delighted to find a 10% discount available, and ordered the book for a total of £49, give or take a few pennies. And so it begins: book one of an extensive collection has been ordered!

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